Lucas FIbinger StudioI am hair stylist with many years of experience, which i gained mostly in foreign countries.

At the start of my career I have moved to Capital city of Ireland. Thanks to Dublin being so multicultural, i have had clients from all over the World, all with different type of hair. This experience gave me skills to work with any type of hair. After nearly 5 years in Ireland, I decided to move forward and gain more experience overseas. I got a contract as a hair stylist on a Caribian Cruise Ship.

When I came back to Prague, i was getting many offers to work with Top hair salons in Czech Rep. The first of them was Salon Portrait owned by Michal Zapoměl. Michal is one of the Top 10 World hair stylist. We were working together on many different hair styles for model shows and hair makeovers for television shows. I was a personal hair stylist for many movie actors and famous people. My clients were for example Terezie Kašparovská, Ester Sátorová, Tomáš Berdych, Jiří Langmajer, Tomáš Drahoňovský and many more.

The next stage of my career was Salon Avenue, where i was facing the other side of my profession as a hair stylist. Dealing with hair products resellers, and choosing those products, which suits our clients the best. The other task, when i wasn´t managing salon or cutting hair, was training new hair stylist joining our team. I became a member of Michael Shaun Corby creative team, manager of Alterna based in Hollywood. Corby is Top Hollywood personal hair stylist of many movie stars, such as Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and many more. I am still meeting Corby at least once a year to make a new hair style collection for upcoming year.

Nowadays you can find me in Lucie Vondráčková Salon, Řipská 24, Prague 2, where i would like to established my own brand as a hair stylist.